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RGP Slack Live

We played at a theater for some friends with cameras. Turned out pretty awesome.

Watch on Youtube RGP

Get to know the boys

Some interviews and random footage


Slack Halloween

Slack Halloween

We had a great time at Tiana's. Got to play some music and vibe with good people.

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Thom Yorke and BitTorrent

Thom Yorke released his latest album only through BitTorrent. He continues to change standards of how people buy music. Hopefully soon we can figure out something cool for Slack via BitTorrent.

Article: "Seven years ago, Radiohead attempted a bold experiment in media distribution by letting its fans pay any price - even nothing - for the band's album In Rainbows..."

New York Times Article

CSUMB Little Show

Everybody who came out tonight.

Awesome people came to our practice space and it was excellent.

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