Interstellar Art

This song was quite a journey to finish. More songs coming soon, we've already booked the studio.

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What My Baby Wants

What Baby Wants Album Art

This song is about being a good single dad...

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Make It Up This Time

Make It Up This Time Album Art

Brand new Slack. If James Brown and James Hunt made a song and had it produced by Stevie Wonder, this is that song..

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Love You with the Lights On (baby)

Lights On Album Art

A song about a girl.

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Donate to Slack!

All our songs are free and we put a whole lotta of love into each one. Now we're at the point where we want to step it up and and start recording in the studio (instead of at home). Unfortunately, that's not cheap so any donations help us out a lot. Every penny goes into new music!

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